Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Change of the rules

OK, after traveling for a prolonged period and missing quite a few posts, I think I need to explain my situation and also make a change.

First, I travel... a LOT. Sometimes I am only home long enough to kiss my wife and wash my clothes before I pack and head back out again.

Second, both my wife and I are uncomfortable with me posting that I am out of town while I am gone and she is by herself for security and privacy reasons.

I love my job and would not change anything, but I also want to make this blogging thing to work. Soooo, I am going to make this change. I am going to start composing posts while I am on the road, but will post them after I am back from my trip so that I can be fresh with what I post, but I can also keep the privacy of my home life.

I have good reason for that desire to protect our privacy. I was the owner of a computer gaming company which ran events which drew a lot of gamers. These events were very popular, and the team that our company sponsored, which I was part of, was ranked in the region for the games we were playing. As our popularity grew so did the hits on our website. However, I never took into account the fact that my home was listed as the mailing address for the company.

One day I am working in my office and the doorbell rings. My wonderful wife answers the door and there is 3 young men she does not know who are quite excited to meet me. I came up to meet them and talk with them outside while my wife returns to the work she was doing. They were nice kids (none of them were over 17) and I had a great time meetings with them to talk games and I made sure that they understood that it was probably not a good idea to just drop in like that. We exchanged contact information and have talked once in a while since then, but it was a bit disconcerting that I had visitors that suddenly appeared out of the blue because of a link with an address on my site that led them to the house. My wife was even more concerned as she was often home alone because I was off running events or playing in tournaments, and I can't say that I blame here.

We changed that link to use a PO box shortly after that, and I learned my lesson. But that leads back to the point of this post. I want to communicate with the world regarding my travels (even if nobody else reads it but me) but I also want to maintain my personal privacy. (hmm, that might be an interesting topic for a future post.) So I am going to draft posts a lot more and you, my gentle reader, will see it when I get back home and tell it to post. There may be times that I will post immediately, but that will be when I know that I will not be violating my promise to the lovely lady who says she loves me and proves it every day. in the mean time, thanks for reading and please feel free to post a comment. I will read them.

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