Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travels in progress

It's been a few days since my last post, and I have more coming. Currently in the hopper is a review of a overnight trip to Denver, and a 3 day trip to Peoria, IL. These two trips will net us two hotels, a restaurant, two airports, and two SUVs.

I have to say that traveling in the winter is an experience to be avoided. Now that the airlines are billing us for every penny, you can't plan ahead for rough weather when it is nice. I dressed for dry weather and will be walking to the car in 10 inches of snow by morning. To get the luggage space I would need to carry work clothing and winter wear would mean a bigger heavier piece of luggage that would also cot me upwards of $100 in overweight fees for a 4 day trip. All in the name of dry feet and warm hands.

But traveling in of itself is an adventure. Just think, how ways can you go to work and meet strange and wonderful people in a few hours of time? My last flight I met a woman that was traveling back from California to her home in the upper midwest. She had moved out there after a short post-college career in radio. She was a late night DJ originally, and had tried breaking into the talk radio market. After that failed she went back to college and was now working on a career in public relations.

I briefly talked with a mom who had the happiest infant I have seen on a flight in a long time. he just lounged and looked at the other travels with huge eyes of blue. She had been to visit family and was now heading back to her home to be with her fiance.

If you are so lucky to be traveling, relax and enjoy it. The employees you meet will actually treat you better if you do.

See you out there!


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