Friday, February 18, 2011

Driving thoughts

My wife tells me that I talk about driving entirely too much. Maybe it's because I spend so much time driving from customer to customer, airport to hotel to customer to hotel, etc. I have plenty of time to view the world from behind the glass window and I have a lot of stories filed away, and incidents that change my view on driving in so many ways.

Funny how there are such different people out there.

The traffic from where I live to the main road is pretty heavy at certain times, and since I don't normally have to be on-site early, those few times that I do get out during rush hour I end up discovering that the traffic is backed up for almost a mile from the main road. you would think we learn these things after several encounters. But not me, nope, not a chance. Long lines like this usually brings out the frustrated driver and the people trying to turn onto the street are stuck waiting a long time for a generous person to let them merge in. Today was interesting in that there was a person ahead of me that was letting anyone turn into the line from the side streets. Most of them appeared to have been sitting and waiting for quite a while and tis person was saving them the rest of their lives waiting. Nice guy.

Another one I saw today was a driver who decided he had to be in the very small space in front of me and was willing to pass me using the exit lane to my right, which I was turning into, and with about 6 inches clearance. I hit the horn to warn the fool that we were about to have a very close encounter of the undesired kind, and got a finger for my efforts. Not Nice guy.

The first driver made me really think about how I drive and the attitude I keep while driving. The second made me think about the way I handle attitudes from other people.

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