Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travels in progress

It's been a few days since my last post, and I have more coming. Currently in the hopper is a review of a overnight trip to Denver, and a 3 day trip to Peoria, IL. These two trips will net us two hotels, a restaurant, two airports, and two SUVs.

I have to say that traveling in the winter is an experience to be avoided. Now that the airlines are billing us for every penny, you can't plan ahead for rough weather when it is nice. I dressed for dry weather and will be walking to the car in 10 inches of snow by morning. To get the luggage space I would need to carry work clothing and winter wear would mean a bigger heavier piece of luggage that would also cot me upwards of $100 in overweight fees for a 4 day trip. All in the name of dry feet and warm hands.

But traveling in of itself is an adventure. Just think, how ways can you go to work and meet strange and wonderful people in a few hours of time? My last flight I met a woman that was traveling back from California to her home in the upper midwest. She had moved out there after a short post-college career in radio. She was a late night DJ originally, and had tried breaking into the talk radio market. After that failed she went back to college and was now working on a career in public relations.

I briefly talked with a mom who had the happiest infant I have seen on a flight in a long time. he just lounged and looked at the other travels with huge eyes of blue. She had been to visit family and was now heading back to her home to be with her fiance.

If you are so lucky to be traveling, relax and enjoy it. The employees you meet will actually treat you better if you do.

See you out there!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Review

For those of you who spend a lot of time in sites with comments you probably have seen the first post routine. Fortunately I get to the be the first here since it is my site. This will be my first post with a review of a place I have been. Even better, it will have two locations in it. Let's get to it.
Jimi D'S Restaurant
Location: 6303 Center Street, Omaha, NE 68106
Menu Style: Italian home inspired dishes

Jimi D’s is located in a new strip mall in the AKSARBEN Village area of Omaha and it is a little difficult to get into the parking lot from Center Street when approaching from the east. I found it to be a nice place, although a bit on the crowded side. The seating was tight, I mean really tight. I had to squeeze into the booth and our my skinnier friends had the same problem on their side of the booth.

Food-wise, I had the Parmesan Chicken with a cup of the White Bean Sausage soup. The Parm Chicken was quite warm and hard to eat when I first got it because it was burning my mouth with the hot cheese for my first bite. After getting it cooled down a bit the flavor was pretty good and it had just the right amount of cheese on top. One part that I liked about the chicken was that the breading did not try and slide off the chicken while I was cutting it as commonly happens with this dish. The red sauce that came on my dish was a little weak in flavor and a little thin for my tastes since it didn’t stick well to the pasta that was the bed for the chicken. I have to say that the food was pretty good and my dining partners all enjoyed their dishes (Fish Tacos and Grilled Chicken with Steamed Vegetables) as well.

I felt the place had a feel of catering to the locally community which is actually a good thing in that area of town. It had planet of TVs tuned to sports, a large bar with seating, and a shuffleboard table for anybody to play.

Location: 2110 S. 67th St. Omaha, NE 68106

The latest Cinema to open in the Omaha area, this place is touting itself as a fully digital theater, and it did seem to be a step up in audio and video quality. First comment about the place? You park on one side of the building and have to walk around the building to the entrance. It’s not that far, maybe a minute or two walk. However, this is in Nebraska, and it gets really cold and sloppy in the winter. It also means that your first view of the building, which is alo shared with a gym and a restaurant, is a 3 story wall with a few solid steel dors. Not the best situation for entering the place.

Once you do come around to the front, you will see very nicely decorated entrance. The full color scrolling marquee over the doors lists the shows and times as well as other information regarding the theater. Upon entering the theater there are large LCD panels to the left that list all the movies and the times. The screens show the times and also reviews for each of the movies playing. Step across the room and buy your tickets from the attendant, and start into the theater. The design of the complex is a hub and ring approach. In the hub is the concessions and, very different for a theater, a bar. Circling the hub are the 10 theaters so access is easy from the hub to the screens.

Seating, ah yes, the seating. Picture high back, leatheresque, seats that recline, and soft arms that lift up out of the way if you don’t want them available to hold your cup or rest your arm. I found them to be very comfy and a nice change of pace from chairs that either high back and stable, or low back and rocking. It made the experience relaxing and enjoyable, especially since we arrived late and sat in the 3rd row. That leads to the final thought. Never watch a move on a full size screen from the 3rd row if you want to watch the whole of the movie. I found myself having to pick areas of the screen to watch because I was too close to the screen and could not see all of the screen at once.

So that is the first of the reviews I have for you my gentle readers. Please comment below with any suggestions for places, or ways to improve my writing of these reviews. Feel free to add your comments about what you know of the places I review since I am by no means the last word on any of the places I have in this blog.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Driving thoughts

My wife tells me that I talk about driving entirely too much. Maybe it's because I spend so much time driving from customer to customer, airport to hotel to customer to hotel, etc. I have plenty of time to view the world from behind the glass window and I have a lot of stories filed away, and incidents that change my view on driving in so many ways.

Funny how there are such different people out there.

The traffic from where I live to the main road is pretty heavy at certain times, and since I don't normally have to be on-site early, those few times that I do get out during rush hour I end up discovering that the traffic is backed up for almost a mile from the main road. you would think we learn these things after several encounters. But not me, nope, not a chance. Long lines like this usually brings out the frustrated driver and the people trying to turn onto the street are stuck waiting a long time for a generous person to let them merge in. Today was interesting in that there was a person ahead of me that was letting anyone turn into the line from the side streets. Most of them appeared to have been sitting and waiting for quite a while and tis person was saving them the rest of their lives waiting. Nice guy.

Another one I saw today was a driver who decided he had to be in the very small space in front of me and was willing to pass me using the exit lane to my right, which I was turning into, and with about 6 inches clearance. I hit the horn to warn the fool that we were about to have a very close encounter of the undesired kind, and got a finger for my efforts. Not Nice guy.

The first driver made me really think about how I drive and the attitude I keep while driving. The second made me think about the way I handle attitudes from other people.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And here begins the journey...

Thus starts the beginning of a project I have been thinking about for many years.

Have you ever been to city and wondered what the people and places there were like?
Is that restaurant worth visiting?
Is that car worth driving?
How is that hotel?

I have to deal with these questions every time I travel, and so many more I quickly have to answer each time I visit a new city. I travel about 50-75% of my working time and see so many things I want to tell others about.

Join me on this trip around this great country and around the city I call home. Hopefully it won't be all that boring, and together we can find those golden pearls that only the locals know about.

This blog is dedicated to all those traveling masses that go unnoticed each day and live in wonder of what the world has to offer.